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My girls had an incredible time at Mareesa's cooking camp that was based on Italian food. They were so excited to make their own pizza, pasta and gelato. They had fun while learning to cook and enjoyed devouring the delicious food afterwards! Mareesa was incredibly patient and understanding, and connected well with all the students in class. We are looking forward to doing more classes and would recommend her to all our friends!

Munsia Ahmed


That dinner was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I mean, perfect! Thank you, they enjoyed that so so much and we will definitely be doing this again! They love to cook! You are so wonderful at what you do! My husband and I joined them for dinner and we were amazed and shocked! So yummy!! It was also nice for someone else to do the cooking LOL!

Alyshia Raleigh 


A big thanks for your efforts, your sweetness, and for the delicious food. You're simply the best. You rock.

Abir Khouzami


My daughters absolutely loved their lesson with Mareesa! She was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. Such a neat experience getting to do a cooking lesson online! Looking forward to our next one!

Monica Tuttle


My students made your smoothie today for Foodie Friday. I got sooo many compliments from parents on your cooking videos about how easy it was for their kiddo to follow the recipe and independently make their own smoothie. Lots of proud kiddos and parents today! The kids can't wait for next Friday to cook again!

Amanda Shepherd


Culinary Sprouts provided me with a fun way to make food for myself. I grew up in a home where food was seldom cooked. Culinary Sprouts helped me out of my comfort zone and learn my way around the kitchen. I would definitely do it again!

Ethan Haber

New York

My nine year old had her first ever cooking class. Not only did she have an amazing time, but she also loved the way the entire class had been orchestrated. Miss Mareesa is very professional and can easily bond with the kids.

Fatima Farzana


I can't believe that my 6 year old made this Indian dish! That's one of the things I love about what Mareesa does. She doesn't dumb down the recipes for kids. She's actually teaching them skills. And it builds great confidence and I'm amazed at what they can do!

Laura Daras


The meal was fantastic! Really really good! We loved it! My daughter had so much fun. She will be back again soon for another meal. I LOVE this idea as a working mom, dinner is the hardest thing to figure out at the end of a long day.

Carlie Eubanks

North Carolina

Culinary Sprouts is simply phenomenal! Mareesa is an amazing teacher and chef. My daughter loves cooking with her because her online classes are fun and engaging and the food is absolutely delicious. We highly recommend Culinary Sprouts!

Janice Kraft 

North Carolina

Mareesa did a virtual mini cheesecakes class with my granddaughter Margaret and allowed me to sit in on the call. Mareesa was so casual and not concerned when two year old brother showed up to "help." Margaret called me after the lesson and asked when we could do it again. Hopefully next week!

Julia Buttermore 


Mareesa has cultivated an incredible program! I am not a cook, at all, and sometimes have trouble with the simplest of recipes. Even on FaceTime, Mareesa makes the lessons special. She stayed with me throughout the entire cooking process, answering all of my questions to make sure I felt comfortable. 

Emily Potts

South Carolina

Mareesa is an amazing teacher! She has a natural talent for cooking and has taught me so much in such a short time. Coming from a picky eater, the chicken broccoli rice casserole was spectacular and she has truly opened my eyes to new foods! Mareesa is someone I will have teaching my kids how to cook.

Lauren Fedor


Thank you so much for my son's cooking lesson! He has always been interested in culinary arts so we have tried to find him lessons locally. Unfortunately, we have limited opportunities in our area, so this was perfect! He really enjoyed the lesson and the food was delicious! He already signed up to do another lesson.

Bethany Hilt


The kids had the best time!!! And the food was delicious.

Nidal Nikhoul 


It really was a great experience. My feedback would be all positive. The food was delicious. My daughter loved being with you. I could tell how proud she was that she had made our dinner from scratch.

Mary Craig

North Carolina

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